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General questions

What is your business name?

Our Business trades as McIvor Vehicle dismantlers.

How do I order parts?

McIvor Vehicle dismantlers will accept orders for parts by phone or at our facilities counter located at 59 Oaklea Road Magherafelt BT45 6LT.

How do I know if the part is correct?

We can take no responsibility for the total accuracy of any part in comparison to that of our customers. McIvor Vehicle dismantlers team of experienced technicians have got a wealth of knowledge in the automotive industry. The nature of manufacturers is that parts can vary in certain models across year and specification. The more information provided by the customer ensures a greater chance of accuracy. We require a minimum amount of information of make, model, year, and engine.

How do I contact you?

McIvor Vehicle dismantlers primary method of contact is by telephone. Customers can call our office during business hours on +44 (0)28 7941 8397. Our office is open from Monday - Friday 9am – 6pm and on Saturday from 9am – 2pm. Our office number is the best method to contact us to place orders, make payments, make parts enquiries and discuss delivery information. Customers can also email our team

How long have you been in business?

McIvor Vehicle dismantlers have been in business for nearly 20 years. We are specialist breakers for french makes Peugeot and citroen but we stock everything form small family hatchbacks to high performance machines. We believe in offering high quality used car parts at a fraction of remanufactured or dealer sourced components.

How often is your stock list updated?

McIvor Vehicle dismantlers update our list of stocked vehicles as soon as new stock arrives. We receive new stock daily. If you cannot find the sued car part which you require on our website please do not hesitate to contact our team. We can source parts on our customers behalf or can recommend parts from other makes or models which share your required component.

Do you sell complete engines?

Yes McIvor Vehicle dismantlers can sell complete replacement engine units for your vehicle. Replacement used engines are checked by our team to ensure that they are of a very high standard. McIvor Vehicle dismantlers offer a limited warranty on all mechanical components of one week from sale and we regret that we cannot honour any failure due to fitting errors. McIvor Vehicle dismantlers have a list of approved mechanics who can carry out any fitting work of our used car parts or alternatively McIvor Vehicle dismantlers can carry out fitting of any part at our on site garage.

Do you specialise in specific manufacturers?

Yes McIvor Vehicle dismantlers specialise in used car parts from french marques peugeot, Citroen and renault. We carry a wide range of models and parts form these makes and our team are very experienced in dealing with these manufacturers. We do not only dismantle cars from peugeot, Citroen and renault – we carry a large range for makes and models from small shopping cars to high performance machines and our stock of vehicles and used car parts is changing daily.

Payment for used car parts

How do I pay for my parts?

McIvor Vehicle dismantlers accept most major credit cards, cash and cheque for orders of used car parts. We do ask that cash orders not be sent by post. We only accept cash at our premises located at 59 Oaklea Road Magherafelt BT45 6LT.

How do I pay for delivery?

Should you require used car parts from McIvor Vehicle dismantlers to be delivered to your home or business premises you should make our sales team aware at the time of order. Delivery cost is dependant on the size and weight of the item. The cost of delivery will be quoted at the time of order and then added to your total bill to be paid immediately.

Do you offer refunds?

McIvor Vehicle dismantlers always strive to give our customers the highest quality used car parts and the best possible customer service. Refunds are offered on an individual case by case basis if a suitable replacement part or credit note is deemed unsuitable.

Do you give credit?

McIvor Vehicle dismantlers regret that we do not offer credit or account facility to our customers. All of our used car parts and used engines are sold on a payment at the time of sale. We ask that customers do not ask for credit as refusal often offends.

What payment methods do you accept?

McIvor Vehicle dismantlers accept cheque, cash and all major credit cards.

Do you accept cheques?

Yes at McIvor Vehicle dismantlers we are happy to accept cheques for used car parts. Cheque clearance may effect delivery times for some items. Contact our sales team directly for more information.

Will paying by cheque effect delivery times?

Yes in some cases it may delay the purchase until funds clear our system. Please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.

Do I have to pay sales tax on items?

All purchases are subject to VAT. This will be included in the price.

What currencies do you accept?

McIvor Vehicle dismantlers are happy to accept Pounds Stirling and Euros. Customers paying using euros please note that the euro price will be subject to the exchange rate.

When Will my credit card be charged?

McIvor Vehicle dismantlers will charge any transactions immediately at the point of purchase.

I need a copy of my receipt or invoice?

McIvor Vehicle dismantlers are more than happy to provide an invoice with any purchase. Please make your needs aware to our team at the point of order.


How are delivery rates worked out for my used car parts?

McIvor Vehicle dismantlers enjoy a great relationship with our courier partners. We make it our policy to post any item small enough to be sent for the benefit of speed. Our delivery rate is worked out on a basis of weight. Please make our sales team aware of your delivery requirements at the time of order.

Do McIvor Vehicle dismantlers offer large item delivery?

Yes McIvor Vehicle dismantlers can arrange delivery for any items of used car parts which we offer for sale. We can personally deliver large items within 20 miles of our main facility.

How long can I expect to wait for delivery of my used car parts?

Our delivery times vary dependant on time of year and your specific location. Should you need your items in a hurry we can arrange an express delivery for an additional cost. Delivery times can be checked with our sales team at the time you order your used car parts.

Can I track my order?

McIvor Vehicle dismantlers use a variety of courier methods to best deliver your items dependant on your location and the item to be delivered ensuring we always choose the fastest and most efficient company for the job. Not all our partners use online order tracking systems. Order status can be checked by contacting our sales team. Should any tracking info be available for your used car parts delivery we will provide that once the order is processed by our sales team.

Will my shipment be insured?

The majority of shipments are covered by each couriers own insurance policy. McIvor Vehicle dismantlers regret that any item of glass sent form our depot cannot be covered by insurance due to their nature and therefore are sent at the recipients own risk.

Do McIvor Vehicle dismantlers ship to clients outside the UK?

Yes McIvor Vehicle dismantlers happily courier our used car parts across the United kingdom, Republic of Ireland and across europe should our customers require.

What happens if my order does not arrive?

Should your order not arrive please contact McIvor Vehicle dismantlers sales team immediately for a reconciliation.

Fitting your used car parts

Do McIvor Vehicle dismantlers offer fitting?

McIvor Vehicle dismantlers are happy to fit your used car parts purchased at our fully serviced in house garage. Our premises at 59 Oaklea Road Magherafelt BT45 6LT are staffed by an experienced team who can fit any product sold by McIvor Vehicle dismantlers. All of our work is guaranteed. All of our parts are thoroughly checked and passed fit before sale but we recommend fitting by our team or one of our approved partners.

Do McIvor Vehicle dismantlers have recommended mechanics for fitting?

Yes McIvor Vehicle dismantlers have an in house fitting service or alternatively we have an approved list of partners who can fit our products for you in an approved environment. Contact our sales team for information on approved fitting companies in your area.

Does your warranty cover fitting errors?

McIvor Vehicle dismantlers standing warranty will be rendered void if found to be defective from a fitting error. We recommend using one of our approved fitting companies or having your part fitted in our fitting centre to avoid such errors.


What piece of mind do I have when using second hand parts?

McIvor Vehicle dismantlers experienced team will personally inspect and pass fit every part which we sell to ensure that it is fit for purpose. used car parts are up to 70% cheaper than new or remanufactured parts. All of our mechanical parts have a one week warranty. Should the part be found to be defective or incorrect customers should contact our sales team immediately.

Do you have a returns facility?

used car parts found to be incorrect or defective should be reported to our team immediately return procedure should be initiated within the warranty period. Parts can be exchanged at our depot within warranty period. Should you be unable to come to our depot call our sales team to arrange your items return or exchange.

How long of a warranty period can I expect?

McIvor Vehicle dismantlers offer a period of 1 weeks warranty on all mechanical parts.

Environmental Impact

What is the environmental impact of scrapping my car?

McIvor Vehicle dismantlers is an approved vehicle scrappage facility. That means that the disposal of your vehicle at the end of its life does not mean that it is just buried. We are regulated by the department of the environment to ensure that your vehicle is disposed of ethically. All useable parts are removed and re entered into circulation as used car spares. This has a significantly lower carbon footprint than producing new parts and therefore lowers the carbon footprint of other vehicles still on the road. Any remaining components are forwarded to specialised material handling companies who dispose of the harmful items and recycle all other materials in an ethical and environmentally secure manner to ensure that all reusable elements are properly recycled.

What is the process for decommissioning a vehicle?

McIvor Vehicle dismantlers can take your old vehicle and document your transfer to our approved facility for decommissioning. All relevant paperwork can be carried out on site by our experienced team.

Can McIvor Vehicle dismantlers collect my old car?

McIvor Vehicle dismantlers have a recovery facility. We can come to you and collect your old vehicle and take it to our approved end of life facility to be recycled.

What happens to all of the harmful fluids and chemicals in my old car?

All harmful chemicals, lubricants and fluids are drained and stored to be transferred to a specially appointed materials handling company where it can be disposed of in an approved and safe environment.